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You want to learn AutoCAD and that it is easy, free and adapted at any age? You are in the good place. Welcome!

Learn AutoCAD online. Click here

Welcome to this wbsite which offers you a training or a help to the training of software AutoCAD ® to learn AutoCAD fast.
This training on software AutoCAD ® is structured in a pedagogic way that assures you a training of quality. Step by step, look at the PDF and videos which explain you apparently and accurately the functioning of the commands of AutoCAD. Download courses and exercises. Repeat exercises at least two-three times so that your gestures become fluid.

Certificate or Diploma AutoCAD Elearning. Click here

A certificate and a diploma to coach admitted among firms to be working in the field of the computer-aided design. All structure of courses AutoCAD elearning was developed from a study of the needs of firms using AutoCAD software ®.

AutoCAD: History:

AutoCAD is a software of COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN : Computer-aided design CADD. His workmanship became necessary to postulate in designer's job in a firm.
Thanks to this software, the user can create plans for any types of companies, the smallest to the biggest and here you can learn this CAD software in 2 weeks or less.

This website is for ?

This Autodesk AutoCAD website is intended for every person debutante eager to teach and to improve its knowledge AutoCAD or everybody searching to learning autocad fast. It is free and opened to all, speak about it around you! CAD-ACADEMY.COM has welcomed since 2007 about 10 million internauts of any age and of everywhere in the world. Then if they made it, why not you?

CAD-ACADEMY.COM, located in the canada, is a private school specialising in the training of the candidates for the use of software AutoCAD ®. Besides, you can get a certificate in the use of software.

CAD-ACADEMY.COM is an Internet website that contains AutoCAD Elearning courses to form free on the software of drawing most used in the world: AutoCAD.
You will find here hundreds of courses to download or to consult on the spot to learn autocad easily, fast and why not in just 2 weeks or less
You will learn the functioning of AutoCAD that it is to draw, to change or to print a plan.
Online tools are available to make life easier the designers, you can also share all your files by email or by link.

Download AutoCAD for free

You can dowload AutoCAD for free now here

Courses on the technical drawing to learn AutoCAD in PDF or Videos:

Do not any more get worried. To learn AutoCAD is not so complicated when they have the good support. CAD-ACADEMY.COM was founded in this direction: to help you to teach, very easily to master AutoCAD software without being afraid to break everything in every click! The nicest: it is completely free!

A dictionary to include AutoCAD's commands and functions :

AutoCAD Elearning has its own jargon which it is not sometimes easy to understand. We thought of you, and have create the AutoCAD dictionary to learn autocad fast, to introduce you very simply all commands and most used functions.

News on AutoCAD Elearning and CAD in general:

You will master in the immediate future your AutoCAD software. Why to stop there? offers you news simple to be included to miss nothing of new versions! We publish articles regularly, do not hesitate to return often!

Online AutoCAD Elearning Training :

The remote training CAD-ACADEMY includes several online courts which allow to acquire knowledge to conceive any plan with AutoCAD.
This training will bring you necessary knowledge in drawing and geometry and allow you to develop direct applications on AutoCAD.

Structure of AutoCAD Elearning courses:

Learn AutoCAD by yourself, and at the end of each of your lessons, you will have the capacity to accomplish a complete drawing which is called plan. This plan will be corrected in these slightest details and sent to you by electronic mail in form of file picture (JPG). The purpose of a good training is to get, for all plans, a perfect note of 100 %. Therefore, do not get in each other's way to make correct and send your plans so much times, for your good understanding.
On the contrary, if your purpose is to control AutoCAD software ® with suppleness and to have competences searched as designer in our firms, you will need our other lessons " advanced AutoCAD " and «AutoCAD 3D»

An AutoCAD Elearning annual subscription

An annual subscription to eLearning gives you access to training and educational resources whenever and wherever you need it .Our AutoCAD tutorials show you how to create 3D designs, share and collaborate on your layouts with colleagues and clients, and make blueprints to transition your projects from concept to construction. Many of our AutoCAD eLearning courses contain video demonstrations from to reinforce the topics covered and to further facilitate retention and understanding. Here are several reasons why organizations choose eLearning from.

Learn AutoCAD, the industry-leading computer-aided design (CAD) software, with our expert-led training.